FIRST EDITION 1993. Margaret Thatcher The Downing Street Years By Margaret Thatcher

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The first volume of memoirs by Margaret Thatcher frankly recalls the former British prime minister’s dealings with U.S. presidents, the Falkland War, and her election victories in 1983 and 1987. No prime minister of modern times sought to change Britain and its place in the world as radically as Margaret Thatcher. Her government was, she said, about the application of a philosophy, not the implementation of an administrative programme

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She sets out here with characteristic forcefulness and conviction the reasons for her beliefs and how she sought to put them into action. She gives riveting accounts of the great and critical moments of her premiership – the Falklands War, the Miner’s strike, the Brighton bomb, the Westland Affair and her three election victories. Her judgements of other world statesman and her Cabinet colleagues are often brutally frank, her criticism devastating. The book ends with an account of her last days in power which is as gripping as anything in thriller fiction. This is a work intensely revealing of the mind and personality of its author: her thoroughness, her passion for change, her tenacity and her astonishing determination are evident in every chapter of the book. The impression which emerges is, as one recent commentator put it, of a world-class battleship at full steam ahead. New and unread book in excellent condition: dust cover intact; dark navy cloth hard cover with bright gilt lettering on spine. First Edition. Hardcover. Published by Harper Collins 1993

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