FIRST EDITION 1943. The Unconquered Isle. The Story Of Malta By Ian Hay

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This particular book was first published in 1943 at a time when the Malta Blitz was barely over – although the war itself still had another two years to run. In order to emphasise how important Malta was during the dark days of WW2, had she fallen, it is very likely that North Africa would also have been completely overrun by Axis troops. With the northern coastline of the entire Mediterranean in the hands of those German and Italian forces, and with Malta being almost centrally placed in that sea, getting supplies through became a monumental, often heroic, task. Ships like the Ohio became the stuff of legend – with her captain, like the people of Malta, also being awarded the George Cross. Had that particular ship not reached Malta, however, plans for the surrender were ready and waiting to be put into force

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Pre-owned.In order to put these events into perspective, much has been written about the London Blitz. This lasted for 57 days during which, as anyone might expect, the city was staunchly defended by RAF and ground forces. By comparison, the Malta Blitz lasted for 157 days – a full 100 days longer, or almost 3 times as long, and whilst there was no shortage of valour from the defending forces and civilian population, they simply did not have either the aircraft or ammunition to put up the same level of defence as was seen in England. But, defend they did and survive they did – and this is their story. Finding historic accounts of what happened during any time of world conflict is often quite difficult. This is an excellent record of events and contains many historic photographs not found elsewhere. First edition. Donated and valued by a member of the PBFA. Hardcover without dust jacket. Published by Hodder & Stoughton 1943