Fighter – The true story Of The Battle of Britain By Len Deighton

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Pre-owned. Len Deighton’s history of the Battle of Britain has already proved outstanding enough to gain high praise, not only from the eminent historian, A. J. P. Taylor, but also from Albert Speer, Hitler’s Minister of Armaments. Len Deighton’s skill as a novelist is used to show how the human factor influenced every twist and turn of the close-fought battle. His encyclopaedic knowledge of technology is used to explain in simple terms the way in which the machines played a vital role in the fight for Britain’s survival. For the first time the battle is described as much from the German as from the British point of view. Continuing the research that made Bomber (a prize-winning, fictional account of an RAF bombing raid) a bestseller, Deighton tells the intimate story of the men who developed radar, designed the high-speed monoplanes, fought each other in the skies and those in command who engaged in vicious vendetta. For people who have been brought up to believe the mythology created by war-time propaganda, reading this sobering account of the battle will come as a shock. Some tanning to pages and edges. Very good dustjacket apart from some bleaching to spine. Hardcover. Published by Book Club Associates 1977

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