English Country – Living In England’s Private Houses By Caroline Seebohm & Christopher Simon Sykes

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Of all the great things that the English have invented and made part of the credit of the national character, the most perfect, the most characteristic, the only one they have mastered completely in all its details….is the well-appointed, well-administered, well-filled country house’ – Henry James

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Contents: The land; the property; the house; the rooms; the family; the garden; an Elizabethan Masterpiece; a watery landscape; a classic farmhouse; a village house; an architect’s dream; a house by the sea; a manor house; and more. Country crafts; chintz; pottery and china; wallpaper; watercolours; dolls’ houses; children’s books; point to point; directory of sources. Hardback. Published by Seebohm Sykes 1987