England Their England By A G Macdonell – 1937

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Reminiscent of the gentle wit of P. G. Wodehouse and Jerome K. Jerome, ‘England, Their England’ offers a delightful portrait of Britain in the 1920s. Banished from his native Scotland by a curious clause in his father’s will, Donald Cameron moves to London and decides to conduct a study of the English people; a strange race who, he is told, have built an entire national identity around a reverence for team spirit and the memory of Lord Nelson . . . What follows is one of the funniest social satires ever written

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Pre-owned. Whether Cameron is haplessly participating in a village cricket match, being shown around an exclusive golf course, or trying to watch a rugby match in the thick London fog, his affectionately bemused portrait of his new countrymen is a joy to read. Red cloth cover with no dust jacket. General wear and tear and no dust jacket. Binding starting to tear away at the first page. Book is loose and contents slightly leaning. Some tanning present. Hardcover. Published by Macmillan and Co Ltd 1937

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