Enemy At The Door – DVD – 12

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All 26 episodes from the TV drama series portraying the daily life of Channel islanders under German occupation during WWII. As the only British territory to be occupied by the Nazi regime during WWII, the Channel Islands represented a glimpse of what life in Britain could have been like if Germany had won the war. Blending archive footage with contemporary film techniques, the series achieved a gritty realism that went a long way to recreating the fear and uncertainty endemic in the population at the time. Episodes comprise: ‘By Order of the Fuhrer’, ‘The Librarian’, ‘After the Ball’, ‘Steel Hand from the Sea’, ‘The Laws and Usages of War’, ‘V for Victory’, ‘The Polish Affaire’, ‘Officers of the Law’, ‘The Jerry Bag’, ‘Treason’, ‘Pains and Penalties’, ‘The Prussian Officer’, ‘Judgement of Solomon’, ‘Call of the Dead’, ‘Reception for the General’, ‘Angels That Soar Above’, ‘No Quarter Given’, ‘Committee Man’, ‘Post Mortem’, ‘The Raid’, ‘Jealousy’, ‘War Game’, ‘The Right Blood’, ‘From a View to a Death’, ‘The Education of Nils Borg’ and ‘Escape’.

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