Edward Caruana Dingli (1876 – 1950 – Portraits,Views & Folkloristic Scenes By Paul Xuereb, Editor

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Edward Caruana Dingli is the twentieth-century painter many Maltese are likeliest to know by name and by fame and some of his works have long attained iconic status. So highly regarded was he in his own lifetime that in the 1920s, he was utilised by the officials responsible for the marketing of the fledgling tourist industry and in fact the colourful images of Malta and the Maltese people he produced created what contemporary managers would call ‘branding’ for Malta

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In 2010, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti’s staged a much anticipated exhibition of works by Edward Caruana Dingli at The Palace in Valletta. Showcasing some 250 paintings by this renowned Maltese artist, the exhibition brought together works sourced from private and public collections, both local and foreign. Numerous visitors were mesmerised by the life-like portraits, and utterly charmed by the views and customs of early 20th century Malta as seen through the eyes of this exceptional artist. Some visitors were surprised about how prolific Caruana Dingli was, and foreign guests delighted in learning about such a great Maltese artist. Overall, this event was very well received, and the choice of Edward Caruana Dingli as the ‘subject’ for return to its prestigious exhibitions after a pause of eight years was by all means validated. First Edition published by Midsea Books For Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti 2010

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