Eccentric Britain: The Guide To Brittain’s Follies And Foibles By Benedict le Vay

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A bizarre figure like an alien stalks a Scottish village – a West Country farmer who has built a medieval siege machine as tall as a church loads a car into it and gleefully fires it high into the sky – on a Surrey road a driver storms past at 60mph on his sofa, a standard lamp flapping in the wind. In some countries these characters would be called crackpots. In Britain, we respect them and call them eccentrics. Eccentric Britain brings you all these, together with the fascinating follies, bizarre buildings, peculiar pubs, curious ceremonies and mad marquesses that make up this unique country. For the visitor wanting to know where to expect the unexpected, or how to find the strange secrets off the beaten track, Benedict le Vay’s Eccentric Britain is ideal. But its also a book to pick up and read, to make you wonder, to make you laugh out loud. Softcover. Published by Bradt Travel Guides 2000

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