DJ’s Luxury Sizzling Pink Cocktail Shaker Gift Set For Four People

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Great gift, particularly for women, in bright pink casing it includes cocktail shaker, jigger, pourer, 4 x cocktail spoons, 4 x straws and 30 infusion pockets (6 flavours x 5 pockets) – Long Island Iced Tea; Margarita; Cosmopolitan; Peach Mojito; Sangria; and Strawberry Daiquiri Infusions. The selection of carefully prepared botanicals cocktail pockets make original cocktail gift sets for anyone, effortlessly mixing great cocktails anytime. No need for an expensive cocktail making kit, just choose any of 6 delicious cocktails and in minutes you have a tonic or vodka cocktail ready to drink. No more cocktail ingredients cluttering up the cupboard!

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The natural botanicals have been hand blended in the UK from natural, high quality botanicals and fruit spice blends, resulting in exceptional vodka cocktails. DJ’s vodka cocktail making kit comes complete with stainless steel measuring jigger, patented stirring spoon and 2 drinking straws. Sizzling pink, pink, pink….

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