Die Hohenzollern Und Ihr Werk. Fünfhundert Jahre Vaterländische Geschichte By Otto Hintze

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In the German language. The ‘ Hohenzollern’ and their work – 500 years of the story of the ‘Vaterland’ (Fatherland). The Hohenzollern are a famous noble family in Germany that has a very interesting history; for anybody interested in German history this book is a great find

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Pre-owned. Hardcover in light brown cloth with black and red text (No dust jacket). Book is in good condition. This book was presented to a student in 1915 and is inscribed in ink as follows: ‘To the student of the school of craft and industry – Peter Kurzschnidgen in recognition of his achievements, attitude and hard work. Duesseldorf 21st October 1915.’ Book is tanned and there is a little foxing present, although for a book of this age (1915) this is relatively light. Published by Paul Parey, Berlin., 1915