Cheers! The Complete Cocktail Book. Modern and Classic Cocktails for every Occasion incl gin, whisky, vodka and more by Henry McCarthy

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If you want to throw a good party, you will be a success with our cocktails. We have carefully selected the best, the easiest and the most delicious cocktails for you. You will be surprised how easy and quick it is to prepare them. The occasions include every possible holiday: barbecue party in summer, Independence Day, the day of romance, the New Year day, or just an evening with friends, you name it. Just open the book, buy the ingredients stated and mix. It will take around 10 minutes on average. Some cocktails take longer but it is worth waiting. The ingredients are easily accessible in a nearby store, so it will not be difficult to create all possible variations of cocktails.Softcoveer. Published July 2020

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The book serves different tastes; either you prefer citrus notes, summer tastes or spicy ones. We promise, you will not be disappointed once you try our recipes. The uniqueness of the book is that it combines classics with modern recipes, you might even never hear about. Why not give it a try even if you are used to the old time favorites. Who knows, maybe you will discover something new for you. And what’s more important, they all contain natural ingredients and high quality liquor which ensures safety of these cocktails. As with any alcohol drink, we warn you that moderation is also important while enjoying yourself at the parties. Enjoy your time with our cocktails!

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