Cake Fairy – Print With Hand Finishing And Applied Glitter – Lucy Loveheart

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Print in a simple wooden frame. NB: No part of this painting may be reproduced or used in any form. Print H64:x W:46.5cm. Overall mount and frame H:90.5 x W:72.5cm.

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This print is from her original collection – Lucy hand finished the print to add glitter and sparkle. Lucy Loveheart was brought up in a creative household. Her father was an artist and encouraged her to draw and paint from a very early age while her mother loved making up fairy tales and reading her stories, introducing her to enchanted worlds like Narnia and The Never Never Land. As a girl she loved daydreaming and she and her younger brother lived in a world of their imagination. Her connection to childhood memories and worlds of make- believe are still very present in what she is trying to achieve as an artist today. Art has always been her passion and she couldn’t wait to go to art school so she could follow her dream of being an artist. Lucy studied art, full time, for six years at Ipswich, Norwich and the Royal College of Art. During her final year at the Royal College of Art Lucy started working for The Café Rouge restaurant chain which launched her career. During a 10 year period Lucy, Patrick and her team of artist friends decorated over 100 restaurants in the UK with murals, paintings and designs. Lucy and Patrick also formed many successful collaborations with Liberty, Art Angels, Osborne & Little, Boots, Habitat, Sugar Beach Hotel and Susie Watson Designs. Lucy and her mother also created a range of children’s books which were translated into many different languages and sold world wide