Bearing Up: The Long View By Francis Fulford

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There have been Fulfords living at Great Fulford in Devon for eight hundred years. If Francis Fulford, the present owner, has anything to do with it, his descendants will be as happily ensconced in the family pile at the end of this millennium as he is today. There may even be some new wallpaper by then. In this robustly argued book, Fulford demolishes the myth that you need to be rich to live in a big house: just keep the roof on, the central heating off and the wife away from the shops. Then sit back and enjoy while your children race their bikes round the Great Hall. Though Francis Fulford’s rugged philosophy will infuriate as many people as it delights, few will be bored as he reveals how one Englishman is making sure that his castle is his home. For Keeps

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Ex library book includes some library stamps and a barcode sticker on the inside front page. Francis Fulford is the twenty-third generation of Fulfords to live at Great Fulford, a far-from-pristine but idyllic mansion at the centre of a three-thousand-acre Devonshire estate. His outspoken property column in Country Illustrated is essential reading for anybody with an interest in rural affairs in general and country property in particular. A regular contributor to radio and television, Fulford, together with his wife Kishanda and four rumbustious children, attracted an audience of three and a half million for a recent Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall documentary. Book comes with a plastic overlay on the dust jacket which has kept it in near pristine. Other than some slight tanning to edges book is in very good condition. Hardcover. Published by Timewell Press 2004. Weight 535g

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