Bamboo Jungle Straw Set With Hessian Pouch In Charcoal


All the rage and set to continue into the future as more and more people recognise the importance of avoiding throwaway plastic. Help yourself when out and about, whilst also helping the environment. Single bamboo straw in its own charcoal hessian pouch with a coconut fibre cleaning brush to keep with you wherever you go. Dishwasher-safe. Supplied in biodegradable wrapping, this product is available from We Are Not A Shop via funding from an anonymous supporter of Jungle Straws, Save The Valletta Skyline Appeal and St John Malta L:20cm

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Why say goodbye to plastic straws? It’s estimated that nearly 500 million plastic straws are disposed of every year. Using bamboo straws is the smart alternative – smart in looks and smart by showing responsibility for the environment. ‘Jungle Straws’ is a socially responsible company whose purpose is to support, educate, and inspire us all to make the switch to re-usable and sustainable alternatives, in order to reduce the devastating effects that plastic pollution is having on our planet. Their natural products come directly from bamboo farms and small craft workshops in Vietnam, which helps provide vital jobs for some of the most impoverished villages. The supply chain is fair, ethical and transparent – and therefore just what we were looking for.

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