Antique Victorian Glass Bud Vase – Circa Late 1895

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Small and delicate glass bud vase, the ovoid body decorated with applied raspberry prunts. Small vases for rose buds and other small lovers’ gifts were very popular in the latter years of Queen Victoria’s reign and continued into the Edwardian era. ‘Prunts’ are small blob of glass fused to another piece of glass and were applied primarily as decoration, but also to help provide a firm grip in the absence of a handle. Prunts were impressed into decorative shapes, such as raspberries, blackberries, or lion’s heads. In this case, they are in the shape of raspberries. Tiny, tiny chip to one of the prunts which can only be found when touched. H:12.5 x D:5.5 (base) and D:3.5cm (top)

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