Antique Small Stoneware English Pot Virol Bone Marrow Preparation – Circa Early 1900s

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Vintage ‘Virol Bone Marrow Preparation’ earthenware container dating from the early 1900s. Virol was first made in 1899 as an experimental product by Bovril in their London factory in Old Street, and was designed as a nutritional supplement for the feeding of infants. A company was set up to manufacture it the following year. Demand grew, and by the 1920s, production was transferred to a larger, more modern factory in Perivale. Before World War II the version “Virol and Milk” was established as a direct competitor to Horlicks. During the war, production ceased as the ingredients became too difficult or costly to acquire. After the war, production resumed and the brand changed hands several times with consolidation in the food processing industry, to Cavenham Foods in 1971, Janks Brothers in 1977, and Optrex in 1979. It was discontinued in the 1980s H:8 x W:5cm

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