Antique Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Domino Set Circa 1800

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A particularly fine Napoleonic prisoner of war domino set circa 1800. An antique inset with watercolours on paper of a fashionable man and woman. 37 original bone dominoes fit perfectly inside. A wonderful item for the collector. Condition is good with only some commensurate signs of age H:3.75 x W:14.5 x D:6.5cm

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Gambling was widespread and the carving of items relating to dominos, dice, gaming counters and even playing cards became a popular craft, initially for their own use or for selling or trading between fellow prisoners. Later they sold their craft to prison visitors and local merchants. The bone was saved from meals or obtained from the kitchen staff. The latter was most popular as the bones would have been longer and sturdier. First they were cleaned, dried and whitened before being carved into useful or decorative items

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