Antique And Elegant Wooden Corkscrew With Original Dusting Brush – Circa 19th Century

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An unspoilt and elegant corkscrew, ideal for the collector. Probably Victorian, but could be even earlier, this Wire Helix ’wormed’ (as in the type of screw and not because of worm infestation!) direct pull corkscrew has a top nut with two hanging rings connecting through to a ribbed metal shaft and long wire helix worm. The ribbed and turned wood handle could be mahogany and the dusting brush, which looks to be original, is probably made of horsehair and extends to just under 3cm to one side. The dusting brush was designed to clean wax, debris and dust from the bottle. An early corkscrew in excellent condition. Total shaft L:11.5cm. Wooden handle W:8.5 x D:2cm at thickest part

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