500 Earrings. New Directions In Contemporary Jewelery From Lark Jewelery

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New and unread. Chosen by award-winning designer Alan Revere, the beautiful earrings showcased in this exquisite book range from the classic to the avant-garde and come from an international array of artists, including Cynthia Eid, Rachelle Thiewes and Jeff and Susan Wise. Expert jewellers, students, artists and anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship will enjoy this breath-taking collection

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The materials used to create these masterpieces include not only traditional gold, sterling silver, copper and wire, but also more unusual items such as glass, plastic, porcelain and paper. The earrings are forged, soldered, chased and cast, with surface embellishments that run the gamut from enamel and metal foils to patinas and inlay. Softcover. Published by Sterling July 2007

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