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Antique collector and vintage aficionado, Luke Micallef, can’t resist a rare find with a bit of personality. Today, he’s talking us through some of his top We Are Not a Shop picks.

Hey Luke! We hear you’re quite the We Are Not a Shop fan – thanks for the support! Why did you choose these particular items today?

As I was going through the WANAS website, this vintage Napier Chinoiserie-inspired charm bracelet instantly caught my eye. It’s made out of little lanterns – what’s not to love? It’s stunning – a definite collector’s item.

Surprise a loved one with this unique piece.

I also picked this gorgeous malachite art deco Czechoslovakian vase. They just don’t make them like this anymore!

Another item for your mantel piece. The more the merrier, right?

Finally, I’m so glad I selected this signed numbered Graham Rust print. Seeing it in person, you could easily mistake it for an actual drawing, which makes it the perfect addition to any feature wall.

“It looks just like a real painting!”
This collection of six F. Edward Hulme botanical prints from 1890 would make a great addition to a feature wall.

Great choices! Could you tell us what you love most about We Are Not a Shop in general?

Well, for starters, all the items at We Are Not a Shop clearly have a story behind them, and that makes them extra special. I actually came across the shop by accident but quickly found myself browsing the website, getting attached to some pieces and thinking: “I will not rest until I have these!” I also love the fact that all the proceeds go to a good cause, so you don’t have to feel guilty about spending that little bit extra.

Pretty perfection. Treat yourself to this vintage silver brooch with a light aquamarine stone and paste surround.
The Lachrymatory Teardrop Glass Scent Bottle (left) and Tibetan Jade Snuff Bottle (right) are beautiful pieces all on their own.

Who would you recommend We Are Not a Shop to?

We Are Not a Shop is ideal for anyone looking for a gift – there’s something for everyone. In fact, I was on the lookout for a present for my mother because she’s a collector too.

Quirky, cute, and oh-so-dainty, these vintage small unmatched dishes would make a thoughtful gift.

I have to admit, shopping here can be a bit of a struggle because I can never decide which piece to buy first! I’m always conflicted between wanting to buy things for myself and gifting them to friends and family. But, of course, there are worse problems for a collector to have!

Spice up your tux with these interesting raw amethyst cufflinks.

On that note, is there a particular item you would you most want to receive as a gift from We Are Not a Shop?

Ah, that’s really difficult because there are so many! Everything on this site has that little ‘something’ that I love. I’d probably have to say this French blue seltzer soda syphon, since I’ve recently started a little glass collection for myself (so it’s only fitting).

A new item for your mantel piece.

Thanks Luke! We love that you’re such a fan of the site – thanks so much for getting the word out there. Happy shopping!

Popcorn and a DVD, anyone? Luke chose one of his favourite films, ‘Miss Potter’ (2006), from We Are Not a Shop‘s aesthetic film range.

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