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This week, interior design content creator and home décor fiend Katia Camilleri (@houseteneighteen) is sitting down with us to discuss her top We Are Not a Shop picks.

Hey Katia, thanks for joining us! Can you tell us what We Are Not a Shop items caught your eye today?

Since my Instagram page revolves around interior design, I was on the hunt for some quirky trinkets and functional pieces for the home. So when I saw the items in the Collectors’ Corner, I was sold!

I just love the whole ‘old meets new’ aesthetic and can totally imagine decorating my own house with a number of We Are Not a Shop pieces.

Add some Greek goddess glam with this white alabaster and cast marble bust of the Greek goddess Artemis. Also featured is a velvet cushion with roses and a snail. Handmade, vintage, and just plain gorgeous.

We couldn’t agree more. So, what do you like most about the We Are Not a Shop concept?

I love how unique it is – I actually can’t think of any other shops on the island with a similar set-up, and that’s great!

Also, I really enjoy finding vintage items and giving them a new lease of life. We Are Not a Shop is the perfect place to discover them. The fact that all sale proceeds go to charity just makes it all the more appealing.

Have you selected any of your items with someone specific in mind?

Yes, actually! My mother loves jewellery and vintage pieces (probably even more than I do), so I would definitely gift her any of the items I selected today. Similarly, my grandpa is really into antiques (you can see where I get it from), so I would happily surprise him with this cigarette dispenser or even this classic trinket box.

Take a step back in time with this vintage cigarette holder.
No smoke, no problem. This hand-carved soap stone ashtray is the perfect ornament for your coffee table (even if you don’t actually need it).
A teeny-tiny trinket.

Lastly, are there any items you would want to receive as a gift, and why?

It would have to be this gorgeous teacup set. They’re super original and I can already picture them on display in my dining room – a little vintage touch!

A spot of art deco décor never hurt anyone. Katia admires one of a vintage set of art deco silver-plated tea glass holders. Also featured in the background is a Spanish recycled glass bottle for your next dinner fiesta.

These books are also great – entertaining and decorative. You can use them as coffee table books or simply stack them to create a stylish interior feature.

19th-century botanical literature for your bookcase.

Finally, these handles would be ideal for an upcycled chest of drawers in a nursery. I’ve got it all planned out!

Add a vintage touch to your latest interior design project with these aged elephant handles.
We might see these child’s Noah’s ark bookends in Katia’s future upcycled nursery.

We love these handy design tips, Katia, and we can’t wait to see how you incorporate your We Are Not a Shop picks into your home!

Talk about a statement piece! This OKA Ornamenta-range faux antler magnifying glass is a great example of Katia’s preferred ‘old meets new’ aesthetic.

Curious to see more? Browse the full shop here.

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