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“It’s always tea time.” – The Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)

Tea parties can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. There’s something romantic about them. They’re like little portions of a bygone era that have remained solidified in our consciousness, and that we occasionally enjoy luxuriating in. Nothing says you’ve made an effort like baking your own teacakes for your friends and family to enjoy.

Here are some tips and tricks to creating the perfect fairy tale children’s tea party fit for the Mad Hatter himself. We’ve also included a few items we think will help you on your way to providing an entertainment-filled afternoon for your kids.

Scone, anyone?


Step up the fun by having all the kids follow a particular theme. One great idea is having a fancy dress themed-party, or guests can be asked to bring their own teddy bear or doll to the tea with them.

There’s also holidays and events to consider, like Christmas, Easter, and birthdays, which provide lots of opportunities for these sorts of things. Your only limit is your imagination!

Setting a specific theme will also help you when it comes to preparing refreshments. If you’re particularly creative in the kitchen, you could have so much fun coming up with different ideas for all sorts of sweets and beverages. Classic bite-sized sandwiches always go down well. And while scrolling the net, we even found some adorable-looking biscuits baked in the shape of teabags!


If you’ve settled on a particular theme, imagine how excited the kids will be if they receive a Harry Potter-inspired invitation straight from the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, a message in a bottle concerning deadly pirates and a long forgotten treasure chest, or a scribble on a piece of parchment from a princess trapped in a castle desperately seeking help.

The possibilities are endless!


The kids are bound to get bored at some point, so shake things up a bit with some fun party games, including storybook reading, sing-alongs, and arts and crafts.

Whip out some paint and paper to get their creative juices flowing. Maybe it’ll even make you rediscover the artist lying dormant inside you. After all, Pablo Picasso once wrote: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”


Of course, you’ll want to set the atmosphere for your kids; their active imaginations will do the rest! You won’t want this to be minimal. Place as many colourful things as you can find on the table to make a properly chaotic Alice in Wonderland-inspired table that will overwhelm the senses.

Use lace doilies, place cards, and napkins. Decorate with flowers (artificial ones will do nicely, too), candles (LED candles are great so that no one burns themselves), and balloons. And obviously you can’t forget all the dainty crockery!

If the weather still allows for it, turn the party into an outdoor event and turn the area into a real Secret Garden adventure to make Frances Hodgson Burnett proud. The mystery of an outdoor wilderness provides so much scope for the imagination, or at least that’s what Anne of Green Gables would probably think.

Make sure that the tea you give the kids is decaffeinated!


The fun doesn’t have to stop just because the tea party’s over. Send the kids home with goodie bags filled with all sorts of colourful toys, riveting books, and delicious treats for them to enjoy at home and keep reminding them of what a great time they had. Maybe it’ll make them convince their parents to host their own tea party!

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