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Writer and mum-of-two Becky Gera has a great sense of humour and an appreciation for the smaller, more sentimental things in life. Today, she’s chatting to us about her favourite We Are Not a Shop picks!

Becky, we’re so happy to have you with us! Could you tell us about some of your favourite We Are Not a Shop items?

For starters, I absolutely love all the greeting cards at We Are Not a Shop. I’m really into snail mail and have recently been sending cards to a friend of mine who lives in Ireland. We don’t know when we’ll get to see each other again so it’s a nice way to connect and cheer each other up on a rainy day. I always crack a smile when one of her funny cards pops through their letter box, so I make it my mission to return the good feelings.

As for my choices on the site, this one is particularly hilarious – the humour is right up my street.

“I do often mistake CrossFit for croissants…oops.”

I also love this Table-Talk game because I’m a sucker for a good conversation starter. Some of the questions are quite deep so it would make for some very entertaining dinner party chat!

A dinner party must-have!

Oh, and this tea towel is great fun too. It’s the small details that can really make or break a space, so having a fun tea towel to dress up your kitchen can really transform it (and add a touch of personality, too).

A bit of wit for your kitchen top…

Great choices, Becky! Can you tell us what you like most about the We Are Not a Shop concept?

I love that there is such an eclectic mix of items on the website. It feels a bit like the ‘cave of wonders’ in Aladdin – you never know what you’re going to find. Plus the fact you’re buying things for a good cause makes it even better.

I’ve already started recommending We Are Not a Shop to my friends and will definitely keep it in mind when I’m looking to do a spot of shopping myself.

A pretty pen and pouch set for your writer friends!

Did you pick any of your items for anyone in particular?

I had a few people in mind, yes. I’d probably buy this shopping bag for my mum – you can never have too many shopping bags, eh? I also think my girls would really enjoy these strawscolouring pencils, and this adorable birthday book. And I’d have to gift the Table-Talk cards to a friend of mine who always asks the most thought-provoking questions – only fitting.

Perfect to keep your kids entertained!
Got to keep track of those dates!

Finally, is there anything you would most like to receive as a gift yourself?

This card. As I mentioned, snail mail is kind of my thing and I’d be super thrilled to receive it – it would totally make my day! People don’t send cards much anymore, which is such a pity because I think it’s such a great way to show somebody you’re thinking of them.

Some of the items selected by Becky, including a natural Hessian bag with navy binding. Cool, classic, and convenient.

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks so much for joining us today Becky, and we hope your friend enjoys her next card!

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